Console size / screen dimensions

Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations for sizing widgets in the console? Or a recommended screen resolution to work to?

Stakeholders often ask me to make everything bigger, but I tell them we should keep widget sizes smaller so attendees on smaller laptop screens can see everything. Especially with more and more people working from home these days.

I feel it is better to start with small widgets, and allow the user to resize larger, rather than the other way round.

Any thoughts?



We have this issue as well. I wish the console was responsive to desktop screen size as that would solve this problem. Fingers crossed it’s on ON24’s roadmap soon!


Responsive console is a great idea! If anyone has posted that feature request I would definitely vote up.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear from any others who have set their own best practice for sizing and layouts.

Now that ON24 has added responsive design - has this issue been addressed for you? I am interested in how responsive design is working for others. The layout doesn’t line up properly for me so the screen looks sloppy. I like everything to be orderly!

I tried the responsive design function quickly but found the widgets just went all over the place and it looked like a mess. Didn’t seem very good to me and I haven’t visited it since. Did you find the same?

I think it would be better if it simply controlled the zoom level when you resize the browser. Then maybe at a certain point when you get to tablet size it would rearrange the widgets.

Same. Users have indicated they are unable to locate all of the widgets also using the responsive design. Not sure why that happens.